European Car Specialists

We love European cars as much as you do

We know European car-owners have special affection for their vehicles. That’s why it’s important you know we have extensive experience, and the knowledge needed, to service and repair all major European makes and models. Our technicians have trained and worked in some of Auckland’s most prestigious European dealerships. Not only that, we make sure they stay up with the latest European technologies and service techniques, so they’re always on top of their game.

Why choose Ponsonby Automotive?

Our technicians are all trained and experienced in European vehicles We use the same diagnostic technology as premier dealerships We’ll service your European vehicle for a lower price

Buying privately or from a dealer?

When you buy a car privately or even from a recognised dealer, it can be hard to know its real condition. It may be shiny and new on the outside and have low kilometres on the clock, but underneath is where all the work happens. At Ponsonby Automotive we can give you a comprehensive pre-purchase check which tells you how hard the car has been driven, if it has been regularly serviced, what work it’s likely to need and how much that work might cost.

Regular servicing prevents big bills down the road

The key to looking after your European vehicle is getting regular, professional servicing. In fact, it’s crucial. At Ponsonby Automotive we can keep your car in tip-top running order and we can pinpoint any issues that could lead to large repair bills in the future.

Received a hefty quote from another mechanic?

The cost of fixing a European car can certainly add up, but if you’ve received a quote that seems too high, we can give you a second opinion. We will put your European car through a diagnostic check and then give you our honest opinion on the work that needs done. That way you’ll have peace of mind knowing what work is actually needed and that the price you’re paying is fair.